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LINUX Server Solution
Who & What We Do

As an Integrated Information and Technology provider we are dedicated to deliver highly effective communication solutions by using the Internet and Intranet infrastructure.

Our core of business focuses on Internet Services that deliver a total solution for companies, especially companies that cover wide geographical area and have the needs to better their communication system whether it is data, voice, or video through the Internet or the Company's Intranet/Internet.

With collaboration and IP development such as Remote Video Recording System, Remote Logging, and Remote Monitoring distance and locations are not major issues anymore in doing your day-today operation.

Our Web Based solutions such as Company Portal Developments are the perfect solution for advertising your company, business, and products not just domestically, but throughout the world.

Our Virtual Office solution gives a new feel of Internet and Intranet technologies for your company.

Some of our services include state of the art graphic animation using 2 dimensional (2D), 3 dimensional (3D) or special effects (F/X) technologies, Game development, Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM development, web design, web based development, and Intranet and Internet database developments.
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