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LINUX Server Solution

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Managed Server Services are PowerNET server support services that go beyond the standard technical support . With managed servers, the clients receive the support of their own server. PowerNET Server Administrators provide support and consultation on customized hosting solutions and mission-critical applications. Services include, but are not limited to, server administration, security administration, firewall administration, data integrity and backup administration, database administration, load balancing, server clustering, advanced server monitoring, and general administrative expertise.

System Administration
- Backup Administration
- System Configuration
- Third Party Software Installation
- Security Administration
- Firewall administration
- Database Administration

We support the following platforms:
- FreeBSD
- RedHat Linux 6.x and above
- Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 & 8

TechScape Inc. Webhosting
Internews Indonesia
PT. Surya Cipta Pacific Webhosting
PT Sumber Daya Info Prima
Arus Nawala
NeoCyber Webhosting
Cakraweb Webhosting
Kampoeng Media Utama
KCS Multimedia
PT.Birokredit Indonesia
KCS Multimedia
PT. Rekayasa Industri

PowerNET Migration Services helps the client which want to migrate their OS, Mail and Proxy to Linux. Migration involves moving account information and mailbox data from other mail system to mail system in Linux.
PT. Rekayasa Industri
PT. Kosmojaya Pandu Nusa
Central Cuturel Francais
PT. EDS Manufacturing Indonesia
PT. Pacific Communication Networks
PT. Bakrie Brothers Tbk
PT.Indonesian Airlines Avipatria
PT. Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk
PT. Bakrie Brothers
PT. Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk
PT. Unisistama



PowerNET Network services offer total network engineering solutions for WAN, LAN and remote access that address specific customer needs throughout the entire network lifecycle.


  • Network Baseline Assessment evaluates overall network performance to pinpoint areas for enhancement and improved resource utilization.
  • Network Architecture Design focuses on determining the optimal infrastructure design to meet your business requirements.
  • Network Implementation focuses on integrating new networking systems without disrupting your ongoing business operations.
IDKU Internet Cafe
PT. Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk
PT. Pacific Communication Networks
PT. Kosmojaya Pandu Nusa
OKE Internet Service Provider



Techscape (Techscape Billing System)
Techscape Billing System (TBS) was developed to improve service to the company by automating and consolidating the billing for registration and invoice processing. TBS incorporates several financial functions including assessment of tuition charges, accounts payable, accounts receivable, on-line cashiering, application and disbursement of financial aid, and tax withholding charges to the client accounts. Charges and payments enter the system on-line as well in a batch mode. TBS generates files to be sent to the financial system (general ledger), accounts payable (refund checks), and monthly billing statements. Several Balancing reports are also generated.

A website that features various events for tour in Bali.
Maintain and enhance a giving portal for SustainableFarming, Indonesia. A web-enabled database project to track visitors for contribute information in Farming Technology
Create a user management system for Bola Magazine that allows the content administrator to publish news easily. Content Management System in this site inlcudes insert image gallery, event scheduler, etc.
Career Center
Design and maintenance of a web site for Career Center of Gunadarma University, which provide a comprehensive career guidance and employment services for all students and alumni of Gunadarma University.
DKP Accounting System
DKP Accounting System which built in web based system, contains the following features : Strong inventory management with min, max, re-order point, View detailed inventory quantity and value as of any past date, Work in process, Multiple warehouse locations, Purchase orders and receiving with drop ship to customers, cost variance alerts, Sales orders and invoicing with multiple price options and customer specified messages during data entry.
Gita Teladan Drum & Brass Corps
Fast track redesign of the web presence for the community of Gita Teladan Drum & Brass Corps.
Holiday Indonesia
A web site to promote the holiday packages in Bali. Registration online and booking hotels online, are features of this site. There's Content Management System for Admin to add, modify and delete content.

PT.Bank IFI (IFI Care)
IFI Care Portal enable PT. Bank IFI to create simple, task-based applications for self-service users, such as customers seeking delivery updates or factory supervisors adjusting production schedules. IFI Care Portal integrates various information and applications, from inside or outside corporation, on a single personalized web interface. It is a platform to deploy fully web interface portal that delivers seamless connection between employees, managers, owners, partners, and customers.

PT.Asuransi Manulife Indonesia
PT.Unilever Tbk
Asian Development Bank Project
Techscape (ChatScape)
ChatScape is a java program that runs as a daemon (in the background) on a physical server machine and listens for incoming client connections. It can run on any Java-enabled OS, such as Linux, UNIX, Windows NT/2000/XP, etc.The client part is a java applet that can be embedded on the Web page, and can be accessed with any Java 1.1 enabled browser, such as Netscape Communicator 4.08+, or Internet Explorer 4+.
OKE.NET.ID (ISP Billing System)
OKE.NET.ID which provide dialup services, DSL and wireless access, use ISP Billing System for their billing needs. It provides prepaid and postpaid billing, prepaid cards management, hourly, monthly and bandwidth billing, auto provisioning with different email servers, dealers and wholesalers module, credit card charging support, invoicing system and ISP billing in ASP model
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