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LINUX Server Solution

Managed Server™ Service
Today it takes a lot of resources to establish a significant Internet presence. And even more to keep it there - all while reducing the complexity, cost, and risk associated with Internet Server operations.

POWERNET Managed Server™ Service brings your business to the Web quickly, efficiently, seamlessly, and reliably - and lets you get back to doing what you do best.

POWERNET Managed Server™ gives you all of the resources you need, in one convenient package. The space and connectivity, monitoring and management, technical expertise, security, scalability, and, of course, the support and performance required by your mission-critical Web and Mail operations. All from an experienced company in complex Web and Mail Services.

Built on a foundation of best-of-breed infrastructure components and POWERNET Open Source technology, POWERNET Managed Server™ service is the industry's most robust business-critical solution for companies that want to completely outsource their Internet operations.

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Security Advisory Services
Expert security advice helps you make better business decisions. POWERNET has technical security specialists who take their jobs, and your information assets, very seriously. Depend on POWERNET for regulation compliance, security consulting and intelligence provisioning as well as execution and management of customized solutions.

Security Planning - create a customized security plan

Security Service Pack - comprehensive all-in-one packages that help address your evolving security concerns

Application Security Services - secure your custom application

Security Audits - find out exactly what you need to protect your assets

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