Today it takes a lot of resources to establish a significant Internet presence. And even more to keep it there - all while reducing the complexity, cost with Internet Server operations. In this case POWERNET comes to help you to solve this problem.



Our core of business focuses on Internet Services that deliver a total solution for companies, especially companies that cover wide geographical area and have the needs to better their communication system whether it is data, voice, or video through the Internet or the Company's Intranet/Internet. There are some service

Software Service And Network Service Of PowerNet

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Security Advisory Services

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Expert security advice helps you make better business decisions.POWER NET has technical security specialist who take their jobs,and your information assets very seriously

Security Services

There are a 4 main part of security advisory service that we offer to you. It depend on POWERNET for regulation compliance, security consulting and intelligence provisioning as well as execution and management of customized solutions.

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Network Services

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We will provide expert IT team on network services that helps your business communication better. PowerNet will serve you a secure network for your business communication in and out your company.

Product List

To increasing the security aspect on your IT side and also to keep your privacy safe we provide you the realiable and the robust product

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PowerMail dotQmail allows you to access your mails from wherever you may be, be it from your office lap-top, or your home PC or even when you are at a public booth in an Internet Cafe. Your mails will be kept centrally in the server, in which will give you the privilege of accessing the same mail from various spots. PowerMail dotQmail has been in use in various different forms since 1997, and has benefited from years of modifications, tuning, and additions.

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Linux is also in need of anti-virus protection. Firstly, new viruses for Linux appear every day. It is very important to protect your network before these potentially destructive viruses infect and disorder your network. Secondly, there are viruses for other operating systems that may pass through computers running Linux and infect other parts of your corporate network (e.g. your workstations running Windows).

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The system is running under Linux with Postgresql Database and with Radius Server. This product is extremely recommended for ISP business. The function are: Pre and Post Paid Payment System, User and Group Management, Login Monitoring and Report System for end user and management.

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