Our greatest asset is the expertise of our employees. Our specialists work hard every day to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We are committed to providing customized software solutions according to our clients' needs.


Software Service And Network Service Of PowerNet


We provide services in making applications, websites, e-commerce and various digital products needed for business and personal with complete features and can be added or customized according to your needs.

Web Development

Website application will fit into your business if you need a multiplatform application. We also provide an Web Service as end point your data. Your web will be in a good hand, with a good tim your website will bring business to the next level.what we have in our capability :

  • Smooth User Experience
  • Eye catching UI
  • Strong Security
  • Responsive
Isometric Web

  • Fast & Light
  • Realiable For Real Time App
  • Possible Fullstack JS

  • Light Framework
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Suitable For Medium Scale App

  • Could Handle Complex App
  • Suitable For Large App
  • Powerfull

  • Delivers Power & Flexibility
  • Customizability & Extensibility
  • Simple & Secure

  • Suitable For AI API
  • Powerfull & Secure
  • Robust Application
  • NodeJS Icon
  • Codeigniter Icon
  • Laravel Icon
  • ASP.Net Icon
  • Django Icon

Desktop Development

If you need a robust application in company environment like a simulator app, desktop application will be the best option that you should try.We provide a software development with a good it team that have trained well,fast response,and smart to make a reliable software. a capable team,you will get :

  • Smooth user experience
  • Good user experience
  • Secure App Storage
  • High Performance Software

Desktop Isometric

  • Delivers Power & Flexibility
  • Customizability & Extensibility
  • Simple & Secure

  • Fast Application
  • Powerfull & Secure
  • Robust Application
  • C# Icon
  • Java Icon

Mobile Development

Nowadays, the phone is the most often used by human. Developing a mobile app it will bring your company grow faster.Get all the comfort in your phone,start with a gorgeous design and helpful application,now you can get it in one touch. provide the service with :

  • Secure App Storage
  • Good user experience
  • Smooth user experience
  • High Performance Software

Mobile Isometric

  • Suitable For Complex Android App
  • Maintable App
  • Secure & Realiable

  • Fast & Powerfull
  • Could Build Robust Android App
  • Secure

  • Multiplatform App
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Development
  • Java Icon
  • Kotlin Icon
  • Flutter Icon

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI will help you to autonomous your job and help you to find a pattern on your business to make a better decision on your company.We research,design,and build Artificial Intelegence for solving your problem and will bring your business to the new level of experience.We provide :

  • Word Processing
  • Face Recognition
  • Speech Recognition

Artificial Isometric

  • High Accuracy
  • Nice Information Extraction
  • Realiable In Any Situation

  • Fast & Accurate
  • Will Have A Trustfull Model
  • Realiable In Any Situation

  • Realiable In Any Situation
  • Will Have A Trustfull Model
  • Fast & Accurate
  • Natural Language Processing Icon
  • Speech Icon
  • Face Recognation Icon


We offer one integral solution for your business. Our software and services integrate seamlessly with each other and with your operations, becoming a platform for performance and growth without changing your core working practices.


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We'd love to discuss your project

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